Some Hosting Providers offer unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth?


Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth is impossible for a Hosting Provider to offer. Hosting Providers and their associated technologies are themselves limited, and these limits must be passed on to the consumer. An offer of "unlimited bandwidth" is typically a scam or a marketing gimmick, and is intended to fool consumers who might not be aware of the particulars of Web Hosting. If a provider is offering "unlimited bandwidth", a closer look at their Hosting Agreement will normally uncover hidden, or obscure statements which negate the offering.

Consumers should be equally sceptical of unusually high Disk Space and Bandwidth offerings at very low prices. This gimmick is similar to the "unlimited" trick, but specifies actual values instead. Hosting providers who implement these gimmicks are often not reliable, and could have difficulty staying in business.

It also should be stated that if a Hosting Provider is attempting to trick you in this fashion, how else might they be tricking you?

We offer very real and managable Disk Space and Bandwidth limits for our Web Hosting Packages.  Most of our clients never reach their monthly Bandwidth or Disk Space limits, only using a fraction of what is allocated to their domain, but if needed can use the entire allocated amount without worrying about hidden clauses in our Hosting Agreement.